Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 6: Thing #14 Technorati

I had a chance to explore Technorati during our RSS Feeds assignment. Out of all of the online tools I used, Technorati was by far the best. I liked the support they offer, including the advance options to narrow your search. I created an account and claimed this blog! After watching Technorati tour, I checked out the "What's Popular" section and found a video highlighting President Obama's "Open for Questions" an online town hall forum to encourage direct dialogue between the President and the American public. I think the idea is innovative and effective. The questions President Obama addresses are the top questions from each category that received the most online votes. I didn't have time to watch the entire video, but was able to read the transcript and scroll down to his response concerning education. I like his attempts to maintain close contact with the American people and the internet is a great way to do it.

Then I started searching the blogsphere! Unfortunately, Technorati does not have Education as one of its dedicated channels, so I typed in "arts education" and came up with 13,088 results!! I narrowed my search by limiting it to blogs (not posts), English only and a lot of authority. What I found most helpful was the window located on the right sidebar called "Tags" which lists the other tags used by people who also searched under the tag "arts education." I found very relevant blogs in a short time this way. I also liked searching the blogs that were listed within those blogs I tagged as my favorites. Once you find like-minded people, you can find links to blogs and other internet resources on their blogs that you would bookmark yourself.

Here are the blogs I listed as my Favorites so far:
Here are the indirect weblinks I found searching "Digital Storytelling" on Technorati. With my new Delicious Firefox plug-in, I instantly bookmarked all of these in my Delicious account with tags! I'm starting a Digital Storytelling after-school club tomorrow, so today technology has been my friend!
One question: I was able to find the 100 Most Popular Tags on Technorati, but not a list of all of the tags. Any advice?


  1. I haven't been able to find the complete list of tags at Technorati either. Tagging is an interesting phenomena because tags are so very personal some of the time. Tagging things the way that you would think to look for them does not necessarily help me find them (especially considering the way my brain works :-)

    I don't use tags effectively enough and it is something that I need to work on.


  2. Wow, Lorrie, I'm really impressed with your blog. I need to get some more images on mine. I like all your sidebar links and resources.
    I have just had my first peek at Technorati today, and didn't have a very positive interaction with it. After seeing all the neat digital storytelling
    links you were able to find, I'm more eager to try it as a search tool.
    And also to check out some of the digi-storytelling resources that you've already located. Thanks for posting and sharing all this great info!