Saturday, March 7, 2009

Week 3: Thing #6 Flickr Mashups - Autumn Mosaic

I joined Big Huge Labs so that I could share this mosaic of my favorite autumn photos collected on Flickr. I enjoyed exploring Flickr Services and their open Application Programming Interface (API) which allows you to present your flickr photos in creative ways (like this mosaic).

I first had to create an account with Big Huge Labs, which then asked me if I'd like to link it to my Flickr account. Once I agreed and uploaded this image to my Flickr account, I was able to post it to this blog.

I liked the lab's Trading Cards idea and their blog which gives folks the opportunity to post and share projects. Making trading cards of famous figures throughout Alaska's history would be a creative final project. I also liked the Badge Maker. One teacher at our school used this application to create Grammar licenses for each student in his class. As students mastered a grammar skill, a box on their Grammar badge was checked off. Very official-looking and motivating for kids!

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  1. Wow Lorrie....that collage is beautiful. Great job... too many fun things to do in BHLs. I really like the idea of using the badges that way (as grammar badges) I can see how that would really motivate some to get them marked off. I also like the mini Bio idea. I hadn't thought of that one....I've used that trading cards for mini book reviews and for personal bios but I like that idea a lot.