Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 5: Thing #11 Web 2.0 Awards

I spent a lot of time exploring this award list, and even more time with Ning! It's interesting how we stumble upon links of interest: the indirect trail was the most effective route for me. Here's how it started:

I checked in on Raandi's blog and found that she had joined Joyce Valenza's BookVideoNing. I knew that Joyce had a Ning called TeacherLibrarian, but I wouldn't have known she had another one specifically focusing on the promotion of literacy through media if it hand't been for Raandi. Thank you, Raandi! This brought up the question, "Does Joyce Valenza have other Nings and how would I find them?" I ended up clicking on her name after searching for Teacher Librarian in the Ning search field, which instantly linked me to all of the social networks she belongs to. It was a great way to find relevant networks - through someone you regard highly in the school library field. She even belongs to the Alaska Association of School Librarians Ning!

As a result, I ended up joining several social networks of interest. It is a combination of my interests in libraries, integrated technology and the arts. I added a badge to my sidebar, indicating I belong to the Arts Integration social network.

I also searched Delicious for bookmarked websites tagged for "school libraries" and found several helpful links, which I added to my sidebar. One link that I had never come across during my online master's degree in school libraries was intute, which "is a free online service providing you with a database of hand selected Web resources for education and research." It was listed right up there with Internet Public Library and offered wonderful resources! I highly recommend it. Perhaps as a summer project, I could take the time to place all of my school library and arts integration bookmarks into Delicious. It would be a great resource all in one place!

I was fascinated by one of the book reviews on Valenza's Book Video network, called Dogzilla. Using a program called Crazy Talk, students incorporate their artwork into their review.

Find more videos like this on BookVideoNing

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  1. NING is cool and I use it as a discussion forum for the Librarians. Like all such tool, if they have something to talk about that they are interested in they use it. I wasn't aware of this particular NING of Joyce's. Something new for me - That's what I love about this class - but that woman doesn't else can she keep up with all this stuff and still do her job - which she does very well......

    I attended a one day workshop with her and was exhausted at the end...