Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 5: Thing #12 VoiceThread

After signing up for an account on VoiceThread and reviewing all of the tutorials, I browsed their collection on different topics and found some great examples incorporating literacy and other core content areas. I can see using this tool for kids to publish their work and also be able to comment on other contributions through recorded voice. I embedded a VoiceThread on the benefits of arts education in my sidebar, as well as one in this post illustrating how folks can connect and communicate from across the globe. I added my voice to this project so that I could practice recording and using the Doodle pencil. That Doodle tool takes some practice! If you'd like to hear my contribution, keep pressing the "more" button until you get to the very end. It's amazing how many folks have added their voices to this project called Classroom 2.0.


  1. Have you discovered Darth Tater??? he has some great educational examples, and how can you not love a guy who uses Darth Tater as a user name? s

  2. I tried searching on that name with no success. Any tips on how to find him? Lorrie