Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 5: Thing #10 Online Image Generator

Comic Book Club
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The students at Glacier Valley are very excited about graphic novels and creating their own comic strips. I used Photo Booth with the special effect of Comic Strip to take a picture of me and then uploaded it to Big Huge Labs to create this Trading Card. Once I shared the trading card with my flickr account, I easily posted it to my blog. The more I use a third-party application, the easier it gets. Thank you, Joni from World Wide Web Quest, for the inspiration! To encourage students to spend time developing their characters, I could use this trading card as a carrot and culminating project. Students could share their trading cards, discuss and brainstorm stories that could involve several of them.

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  1. I just love it when a tool works and everyone gets great ideas .... Yeah! Sounds like you are already thinking of ways to integrate these tools and many of them make great starting places to collaborate with teachers.